gift card

Gift card

Surprise your family member, friend of yours with a gift card which is redeemable to any photo session, it can be even split for more occasions.

The gift card can be paid by bank transfer. I post the gift card to your postal address within 24 hours upon the arrival of the amount.

Gift cards can be requested dedicated to someone or blank but in any case the gift cards are transferable. All my gift cards are valid for 12 months after the date of issue.

The gift cards can be purchased in the following amounts:

20.000 Ft // 40.000 Ft // 60.000 Ft

Or you can purchase a invitation for any of my photo session (i.e.: maternity session). In this case the price of the gift card is equal to the package's price.

For ordering please get in contact with me via one of my availabilities, which can be found here. The best way to use the form that you can find on my contact sheet.

IMPORTANT NOTE! If you order the gift card to give it as a Christmas present, than make sure you place your order till 30. November to be sure that you receive it in your hands before the Holidays.

maternity photography

Maternity session

Intimacy and beauty inherent to this kind of photography. There is that certain glow that only pregnant women possess, worth documenting. I personally like artistic and natural photos about pregnant women, less is more.

Creative session fee from 40.000 Ft


Newborn session

There is nothing more beautiful than newborn photography. I know the importance of preserving your family's most precious moments and documenting them in the right time. I usually advice to come at around one week of age (ideally between days 6-10) in order to get the best results out of newborn session that will take as much as needed. The average timeis approximately 180 minutes for a newborn baby. In order to make sure that you secure a booking for your newborn, it is very important to contact me to reserve a date while you are still pregnant. I suggest to discuss the details on the phone, when to come and how to prepare before the session.

When photographing new born babies I am intensely taking inspiration from them just by watching them little beautiful tiny human who is in front of me. For me it is magic. The process is so much more about knowing babies than anything else. Connecting with them requires trust and establishing a pace with them that they feel comforted and safe.  I spend a good amount of time prior to the start of a session simply looking over that baby and taking in all of its individual and amazing characteristics and features. I listen intently to the stories that parents will tell me about their little ones during the session that also helps, and I let the baby lead me. 

 Regarding the style myself I am not a fan of photos presenting little ones squeezed in baskets. I prefer to play with textures and the light, baby itself is enough good subject to take photos of.  I usually use beanbag and different type of blankets making a background for my tiny model :-) 

My aim is also that parents feel safe and relaxed during that time we spend together so the experience they have and remember is just as beautiful as the images they keep. There is never rush, there is always time for everything parents and baby need.

Creative session fee 60.000 Ft

  • Creative session fee contains:
  • 3 hours session
  • 20 retouched photograph collection*
  • I give pictures on CD or in downloadable format(choice).
  • You receive a present two top quality fine art prints in A4 format, I pick up from the collection.**

* More retouched images available upon request for 1000/piece.
** Additional prints A4 1000 Ft/piece  or  10x15cm  100ft / piece.


Baby and Kid session

Photographs of your kids have an almost wounding sweetness when looked at later. From my personal expereince I think there is no age that is not good for taking a good photographs about children. I usually look at my kids and see that now I want to have photos about them because they look sweet. Until the age of one it is obviously easier for a photoghrapher to make any photo
of the baby. After that we need some activity to keep their attention as they’re never in one place long enough.

Baby and Kid Session fee from 35.000 Ft

Csaladi fotozas -4.jpg

Family session

Family photographs capture a moment in time alongside those you care for most.

Creative session fee from 35.000 Ft

beauty fotozas 2a.jpg

Beauty session

A gift to yourself.

We sometimes forget in the rush of everyday life how important is to love ourselves. When you love yourself, you look better and the world around you changes. It gives a great sense of confidence. Sometimes we forget to how important is to treat yourself kind everyday. 

This session is all about the woman. Session to create beautifull timeless pictures about you. Pictures that will be about you not somebody else. Were you already thinking of making yourself present like that?

If you feel a connection with my work and would like to book the session please feel free to complete the Contact form on this website, or simply call me.


My style is minimalistic and organic. I love artistic crops, body part close ups and I am a big fan of black and white.


Studio, that is plain and has very minimal decoration.
I am also open for outdoor sessions in the nature or in the city.

Make up and hair styling:

Prior the session I can arrange for you proffesional makeup and hair stylng if you would like so.(this will be also the part of our consultation before the session). Not included in the package price.

Creative session fee from 40.000 Ft