Beauty session

For some time already I was preparing for that project thinking of what would be the good name for it. The idea found me when I have been asked several times whether I woudn't do sort of beauty photography. I gave decided to open separate chapter and name it beauty session. This will be all about the women and for them.

Because sometimes we want to have something that is just for us. Because sometimes we want to feel special and see ourselves that way. Because it gives us self confidence. And that is the point :)

beauty photography 3.jpg
beauty photography
beauty photography

Shooting with Natural Light

Pictures taken in the natural light are different than the one taken with flash.  
I personally think what is natural always look good either considering light or people's behaviour in front of camera. 
Shooting with natural light I would compare with painting due to subtlety in change with shadow and depth. Pictures shoot in natural light will have that certain mood. 
When done well, you can get results that in some scenarios may far exceed what you could have done with artificial lighting.  I am not against flash at all. 
I am using it as well in combination with a natural light in certain situations but I know if I want my pictures to look organic and natural looking using available light is the best choice. There are many good moments you can capture when you are not using flash, especially kids.
This session was taken using just a natural light.

baby photography
baby photography
baby photography

Capturing emotional connection

Little baby smiling to his dad however dad is not visible on that picture, he is there. Picture that tells story about love because they know it. The authentic expression of emotion is what reveals person’s soul. Emotions just happen, they are not planned, they are part of us.  Capturing that little laugh, or that certain look that makes us fall in love in particular picture. Interaction it is a beautful thing to capture. Hovever emotions can be capture in many ways not only by capturing face expressions. There is a full range of emotional interpretations in photographing details.  I reaize that actually what makes a people  photogenic it is not even their physical appearance. It’s the inner light they emit when being their true selves.

baby photography

Gift card - Photo session as a present!

Surprise your family member, friend of yours with a gift card which is redeemable to any photo session, it can be even split for more occasions.

The gift card can be paid by bank transfer. I post the gift card to your postal address within 24 hours upon the arrival of the amount.

Gift cards can be requested dedicated to someone or blank but in any case the gift cards are transferable. All my gift cards are valid for 12 months after the date of issue.

The gift cards can be purchased in the following amounts:

20.000 Ft // 40.000 Ft // 60.000 Ft

Or you can purchase a invitation for any of my photo session (i.e.: maternity session). In this case the price of the gift card is equal to the package's price.

For ordering please get in contact with me via one of my availabilities, which can be found here. The best way to use the form that you can find on my contact sheet.

IMPORTANT NOTE! If you order the gift card to give it as a Christmas present, than make sure you place your order till 30. November to be sure that you receive it in your hands before the Holidays.

Christmas session

Announcing Iza Tymkow Photography Christmas mini sessions. It's never too early to get ready to make Christmas gifts for grandmas and grandpas. Framed printed photographs or photo calendars of grandchildren are the gifts they make them really happy. It is also a great excuse to have a photo shoot for your little ones and family.

I am announcing it already since there are usually lot of you signing up that time. 

How does it look like?

There is no typically pre-decorated studio or any typical gadgets like costumes a la Santa Clause, hats, Christmas tree or artificial snow with a sledge. 

I am trying to get creative approach to each session. I am not against any decoration but let it be something with an idea, something minimalist what is just reminding about Christmas, something in baby's hand that makes him busy or nice element of wardrobe.

Date: The photo sessions starting date: October 10th, the last time available for photo session will be December 9th in order to to create the package in time.

christmas session

Session duration: 1 hour session.  15 retouched images digital or CD, and one A4 printed photograph as a gift. 

Packgage price: 30 000Ft

Location: my recently open studio (find here)

To book your date : Send email to

Family session with Évi

I had a pleasure to shoot photos of Évi's family again but this time they were all together present at once all six of them Barni, Panna, Marci, Luca, Mum and Dad. Unbelievable how good energy they have and how much I enjoyed that session. Again I have met people who behave completely naturally in front of the camera just like as I wasn't there. Confetti party at the end was something that everybody really enjoyed. 

Csaladi fotozas-5.jpg
Csaladi fotozas lanyok-2.jpg
Csaladi fotozas-4b.jpg
Family photography Luca
Family photography together
Family photography confetti
Family photography bw confetti


Maternity photography has that artistic glow around it. I just love to see hands rubbing belly :-)


Milena, Wanda & Edek

Beautiful and unique photo session.
They have created nice and natural atmosphere visible on those pictures. It seems to me they are living their everyday life in complete symbiosis.