My passion for photography has started since I was a kid. 

As a three years old child I loved watching printed photographs that my mum used to give me in a big carton box. 
I used to watch those family photographs for hours every time she put them in front of me. Each picture was a story. I still love printed photographs, they seem to be more real and to communicate better with our emotions than digital ones.

A few years ago, I decided to put my technical and artistic skills together and embrace deal photography on a professional level.

Photographing babies and kids became my favorite when I became a mother of two sweet baby "models" who give me a great deal of inspiration.

Family photography it's not only about immortalizing moments in life like pregnancy, being a new born baby or a kid, it's about capturing moods and emotions, and telling stories about people. 

Images you see in my gallery reflect the settings of my home studio. I mostly use natural light, although it depends on light conditions outside. My style is minimalistic, modern, and fresh. 
I prefer not to over-clutter and I do not use to many accessories. I love those captures that tell a story in a natural and honest way with an artistic touch.
Photographer's best asset is light. It can transform a nice image to an exceptional one.